VozAudio is a combination of the two words, "Voz" and "Audio". "Voz" is derived from the Spanish word which means "Voice".

In VozAudio, we are dealing with Voice and Audio

We are a distributor that distributes quality audio product and we carry the world’s best brands.

We supply our products to our dealers; besides we also provide technical training, after sales support and product warranty.

Vozaudio has both offices in Singapore & Malaysia is engaged in distributing car audio systems in the initial years of business. Our distribution channels have since expanded and our network includes the region of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, as well as some of the Asian countries.

We truly believe in Genuine Service, Product Quality, Reliability, Trust and Professionalism; achieving great customers’ satisfaction is vital to our success. We are continuing to expand our networks based on our strong belief and confidence in our products, as well as unwavering support from our partners. With these qualities, Vozaudio will soar to greater heights.