Gensis is designed and handcrafted in the UK from the year 1991. The productions are done in extremely small batches to ensure absolute perfection and the world's finest car audio. 

Every Genesis system component has been designed or chosen to achieve complete natural music reproduction as realistically as current technology allows. A specialist team of technicians & artisans lovingly craft each and every Genesis amplifier one at a time in their own factory in England. Test are fully done on every amplifier at least twice in the production process to ensure 100% reliability. 
Their amplifiers are also run for 24 hours as an additional test, this ensure absolute every single amplifier leaves us in 100% perfect working order this also helps to begin the ‘running in’ process.

Every Amplifier has a unique serial number meaning we know exactly who has made that amplifier, when it was made and what country it was purchased in.

They are iso9001 registered meaning their manufacturing process is second to none.